Plants of Tidmarsh Farms (Plymouth, Massachusetts)

This page provides access to Web resources located at the following servers: (containing a database running on Python/Django) (running on Java and XML/XSLT)

Available Resources
Tidmarsh Farms Checklist. 499 species including 155 non-native, of which 29 are invasive (October 2016)
Text Only (without thumbnails)
[with links to photos and maps]
Illustrated (with thumbnails)
[native plants]
[non-native plants]
[invasive plants]
[all plant species] (loading all thumbnails may be slow)
GPS Visualizer map showing locations of plants tagged along the interpretive trail
Plant descriptions for the tagged plants
Tidmarsh Farms Plant GIS Services
Find plants growing within a certain square
[fast] (preview)
[slow] (more precise and powerful, provides links to mapped locations of certain plants and corresponding images)
[text only]
Q/A Page Entry Form
Can be used for any submissions including reports on invasive plant sightings in the field, when accessed from a mobile device. GPS coordinates can be either manually entered or automatically extracted from EXIF header of an uploaded photo when it contains GPS information.

Relevant Salicicola Resources
Plymouth County Plant List
Listing of plants known to occur wild in Plymouth County (data from the Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist 2011)
Salicicola Notes
Another consequence of global warming? A case of Buddleja davidii regeneration in Massachusetts
Submitted reports of invasive plants
Buddleja davidii at drained Beaver Dam Pond
Salix cinerea & atrocinerea at abandoned cranberry plantation
Salix atrocinerea at drained Beaver Dam Pond

11 Oct 2017