Applications Powered by Python and Django/GeoDjango

Plants at Tidmarsh Farms (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
Database service for Living Observatory at
Massasoit National Wildlife Refuge (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
Invasive plants records (with mapping service)
Entire plant list [authorized users only]
Volunteer's timesheet monthly reports [authorized users only]

Testing and Demo Pages

GIS test app: 'Where am I?'
Attribution to a county within the US via geographic coordinates. This page is provided to test a possibility of spatial query with MySQL, whose spatial functionality is very limited (generally, its usage for GIS apps can hardly be recommended).
Another GIS demo/test: 'Am I trespassing?'
This page demonstrates how to make a simple GIS application in Javascript with minimum coding (inspired by fixing a flaw in MySQL while writing the preceding page).
Online EXIF Reader
Extract EXIF headers from JPG files. If EXIF contains embedded GPS info, it can also show a map and identify US county and sometimes more precise location.

A. Zinovjev (2012-12-30)